• Fluid designing is at the forefront of modern architecture and interior designing. The ideology started with an architecture where rather than going for the straight lines and erected architecture; the designing focuses on the space that is being utilized.

  • The fluid design focuses on bringing out a design that completely incorporates the space and grows out in its design. The main aim of this style of architecture and designing is to ensure that the entire system flows and compliments itself in the process.

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Most of fluid designing comes with curves and grows in shapes that may not be conventional in nature. While traditional architecture aims to stand out, fluid architecture and interior designing blends into itself to the point that it looks like it grew out of its own environment. Not a single piece in this form of design is out of place or unseemly in nature. Fluid designing is used in all kinds of decor and architecture from skyscrapers to homes to the interiors of an art exhibition. But here, we have picked a home décor design from fluid design oeuvre from Pinterest collections. These pieces of furniture are designed with a focus on fluid outlines so that the furniture will give a well- rounded look to the room.

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Let’s compare two tables, both are an example of fluid furniture but they are designed with an opposite perspective. The aim is to show the diverse quality of fluid designing techniques. This wooden table is designed with a wavy outline so that the table will have a moving outlook and will create artistic space in the room. This is the example of an abstract design where the designer will choose it to enhance the abstract sense of the room. Now, this table is also an example of fluid furniture. But here, curves are used to create a unique and direct style in the stand of the table. The table top is linear and bold in its simplicity.


Now we will use the example of beds to show how futuristic and fluid designs have taken over home décor. Long gone is the interest in cozy beds with duvets, now the beds are strongly curved and simplistic in their setting. This is a pure and simple black bed with a round stage that raises the bed to a higher level. The bed is raised with two side tables and a strong sense of grey and black combination. This is a single bed that is turned into a sleeping pod. Most individuals admire this kind of close space that can shield of external noise and will also keep the commotion in the room from disturbing the sleeper. This is a single’s pod where one goes o be truly alone and interrupted! This entire design is an elongated egg-shaped object with purple aura inside to enhance the process of sleeping.

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The patchwork Sofa

We saw this as an incredible example of modern, fluid furniture design so we share this piece with you individually. This is the pinnacle of modern furniture designing where the piece is designed to fit in the room but has such grandiosity that it will stand out!