Fingerprint Wedding Bands

Following on from our fingerprint sculptures in 2005 we exhibited a fingerprint ring at the 2008 ARS Electronica. This project was put on the back burner for a while, until a customer of ours dropped us a line asked if we could make her some fingerprint wedding bands. The idea being that, even when they are apart, they still hold one-another’s hand; a very romantic notion. The answer was, of course, “Of course!”. These first rings were in Silver and included a fingerprint that were oxidized to increase the contrast. The female fingerprint ring was also refined with a diamond.


Since then we have made a few different versions of the fingerprint rings. These fingerprint rings are made from white gold and are embossed with the markings of a frog from South America, which is the subject of the brides research.


Blacked silver is used in this case to contrast the inside of the fingerprint ring that is in contact with the finger. The blackened silver also contrast beautifully with the white of the wedding dress.

At Fluid Forms we really love working on wedding rings. We are all about the embodiment of emotions in physical objects and what could be more emotional than a wedding.

If you are looking to add something really special to your wedding rings, drop us a line. The fingerprint rings and all our custom jewelry is made in Austria and we ship all over the world. If it is an engagement ring or a special anniversary ring you are after, why not make it extra special with a Fluid Forms Fingerprint Ring.