CloudFab 3D-Printing

With CloudFab another start-up enters the digital fabrication and desktop manufacturing scene. Compared to Shapeways – a community-platform mainly for tinkerer (free shipping, minimum order is $25,-), CloudFab seems to target the professional market (according to Ponoko minimum order is $100,-). They want to connect maker and buyer of various 3D-printing and digital fabrication technologies. However, without a beta-access there’s not much to see at the moment. (Hey guys, won’t you send me a beta-code)


I really like the answer to the question “What is CloudFab?” though! “We’re clearing the fog from the digital fabrication market.” I would really appriciate that. ;-)

thanks to Ponoko and Solidsmack

  • Steve Klabnik

    Hey, thanks for your coverage! I'm the CTO of CloudFab, and figured that I'd clear up some of your questions.

    We don't actually have a minimum order. The $100 number is the minimum cost that we take a comission from. Anything under $100, no comission. We want to encourage people with MakerBots and other hobbiest machines to sell their time, too, and we felt that not charging them would be a good way of doing that.

    Secondly, if you or any of your readers would like an invite, just use the code “fluidforms.” We'll be passing accounts out soon!

  • SweetOnionCreations

    Very exciting to see 3d printing coming to the masses. Looks like we'll all be product designers before too long.

    And yes – We're all for clearing the fog around digital fabrication!

    Sweet Onion Creations
    Bozeman, MT

  • Katie

    You should check out … They have cleared the fog!! :-)

  • Tim Thellin

    Xpress 3D,, has been doing this since 2002.

    Xpress 3D is an open market web site providing instant rapid prototype quotes, from multiple service bureaus.

    Users can select from fused deposition modeling, PolyJet, SLA, SLS and Zcorp. Users receive an instant price quote and estimated delivery time from each vendor.

    The site contains information explaining the various technologies and the materials used on these systems. And there’s also some good comparison data to help you choose the correct technology for your application.