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Designed Objects – deep insights

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Surfing the Internet this weekend and reading Blog entries about Mass Customization, Rapid Manufacturing and Individual Design I came across a decent entry from John Marshall.

I liked the central message of his ideas: ‘With the availability of these computer-based technologies [e.g. CNC-Milling], practitioners are confronted with decreased concerns of ‘how’ to physically make something and a greater opportunity to engage with ‘what’ that object is.’

John you are absolutely right…

Caravans are Cool Again!

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Mehrzeller (Multi-Cell) is a project by Christian Freissling and Theresa Kalteis at the Institute for Architecture and Media of the Technical University Graz. It takes the caravans intended usage and plots this in the form of voronoi diagrams. This defines how much value should be placed on cooking, relaxing, sleeping and so fourth. The diagram is then used as the seed to generate the caravans geometry, using specially developed algorithms.

The customer gets a caravan whose form is optimally suited to its intended use.

The Mehrzeller will be presented at the worlds largest caravan fair, the Caravan Salon in September in Düsseldorf. If you can’t make in to Düsseldorf you will still be able to try it out on the Fluid-Forms site or when the online interface is launched.